Custom Printing T-Shirt

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* In case of pattern / 3D, return or exchange is not possible due to the characteristic of the product.
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Custom Printing T-shirt
-men's and women's Cotton T-shirts(Unisex) Design Print Tee, Comfortable
-100% cotton
-Its a soft short-sleeved T-shirt that you can wear without any burden.

-You can add a phrase you want, and images to the T-shirts can be.
maximum size : A3 Size(297mm x 420mm)(spare length 30mm)
After ordering, please send us the location, text, and image for printing at genz@genz.co.kr.

-PNG, JPG, Ai, PSD Image, recommend a CMYK, Size 1000~3500px, dpi More than 300
-If you enlarge the image, the quality of the picture can decrease. Therefore, please send it to the original
-[genz@genz.co.kr] Please send me the specific location and information to print by mail

-All products are individually manufactured according to customer order and cannot be exchanged or refunded simply because of change.

Product description
-Brand: GenZ
-Size: free
-Color: White, Black, Yellow, Pink, Red, Navy

-Made in Korea
-Do not dry clean
-Due to the specialty of the fabric, it is possible to lose color so please wash it separately 
-initially as it may stain other clothes if washed together
-Slight Difference in color should be acceptable due to inevitable differences in monitor setting and light.

*Size Chart (cm) 







Dimensions above are measured manually.Please allow 1-3 cm deviation.

Wish you have a good shopping experience here. Thanks a lot!

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