[DTP]100% Cotton 20S x 20S 60 x 60 56inch 140g/sqm Quilting Weight

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* In case of pattern / 3D, return or exchange is not possible due to the characteristic of the product.
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 [DTP]100% Cotton 20S x 20S 60 x 60 56inch 140g/sqm Quilting Weight

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We deliver fast, efficient, custom-colored fabrics within a few days.
We also offer our customers the opportunity to use their own fabric for sample dyeing. Because our prices vary according to the material chosen and weight, please contact us to receive a custom quote.

To place an order:

1. Please submit your order by referring to the colors in the Pantone TPG code, or provide us with a color sample swatch by mail.
2. We will then create and ship a sample of your dyed fabric (allow 2 – 4 business days).

About Pricing

USD per yard, EX-Work (Seoul, Korea) including fabric and processing costs.
Orders of less than 10 yards: 100 USD (sample charge) + (Price [1-9yds] x yardage) will be charged.

Note, the sample dyed fabric may have a color difference of +-5% saturation.

[ 상 담 ] 

평일 10:00~17:00 (주말,공휴일제외)
점심 12:30~13:30 
상담시간 외에는 Q&A 게시판 이용 바랍니다.
패션닷컴 콜센터: 02) 912-0506

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배송지역: 국내
배송료: 총 결제금액이 100,000원 미만일 경우 배송료 3,000원이 발생합니다.
배송기간: 입금확인 후 약 2~5일 소요됩니다. (주말,공휴일 제외)
배송업체: 우체국택배로 배송됩니다. 단, 제주도 및 산간지방, 해외지역 배송료는 Q&A 게시판에 문의 바랍니다.
※해외배송: e-mail을 통한 배송비 안내 후 입금 완료 시 발송됩니다.

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취소 가능 기간: 평일을 이용 바랍니다. (주말 및 공휴일은 즉시 취소 불가합니다.)

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